A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

January 23, 2018


Author : George R.R. Martin
Pages : 368
Rating : ★★★★★
Recommended : For every Fantasy reader out there!
















I heard of Game of Thrones series first and while watching the first season, I got to know about the book series and me being me, I searched the box set and ordered it. After being addicted to it and finishing first four book in the series, A Dance with Dragons had too much of Targaryens and I got fed up with it and left the series in the midst. I stumbled upon this book recently and after reading about Dunk and Egg, I feel foolish to leave the series and I now plan to re-read the whole series from the beginning and I wish there were other books like this which connect the dots between the time when Targaryens ruled and the death of Mad King. This is a entertaining tale and wonderful prequel for Game of Thrones series. Illustrations are fantastic in this book. This is a very entertaining tale of Dunk, the knight, and Egg, his squire. It has three short stories which are not quite so short and have a good amount of detailing of the times before ‘The Games of Thrones’.

“all men are fools, and all men are knights, where women are concerned.”


“Dunk stopped in the stable door and laughed.
"I have no need of a squire," he said.
"Every knight needs a squire," the boy said.
"You look as though you need one more than most."”



Coming up next is the review for Adhikaar by Narendra Kohli.


Till then,
Happy Reading  :)

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