Code To Zero

January 15, 2018


AuthorKen Follett
Pages : 464
Rating : ★★
Recommended : For beginners and movie script lovers!




















I had heard of Ken Follett few times and thus when I found this book 'Code to Zero' on discount, I bought it. Unfortunately, the author didn't live up to my expectations or this book is an exception. The plot is predictable and the characters not built up very well. The only reason for second star is it's fast paced and thus I finished it soon and it was not dragging. Luke aka Dr. Claude Lucas gets up and finds his memory is gone and within half a day he realizes he is a rocket scientist. Really?? Knowing maths and physics may make you a high school teacher or maybe a professor but directly a scientist? I wonder what I will think of myself if I lose my memory. (If I see this blog, I might think myself of a famous author ;)). Sidney Sheldon and Dan Brown have better plots..Will give this author another try with Eye of the Needle, and if that book is similar, this author is out of my list..


Coming up next is the review for A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R.R. Martin.


Till then,
Happy Reading  :)

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